Caffeine After a Workout? Good or Bad?

Caffeine After a Workout? Good or Bad?

Drinking coffee after hard workout is a growing trend in Hollywood.  Mila Kunis, Nicole Richie, and Molly Sims leaving the gym with what appears to be a cup of coffee in their hand.  Studies have shown drinking coffee can help you exercise harder and longer, but won't it dehydrate you after a sweat fest?

Cosmo Radio health expert Jennifer Wider, M.D says "No".  Coffee is a diuretic that can lead to dehydration, but it doesn't dry out the average person unless you drink a ton of it.

Sipping on a post-workout brew can actually be good for you!  Studies have found that caffeine can decrease muscle pain post work out.  Dr. Wider says the theory is that caffeine blocks a biochemical that plays a role in the pain cycle, so you don't feel achy or sore after a tough gym session.

Another study published in the American Psychological Society found that post-exercise caffeine can also help your muscles refuel if you pair it with a carb, like a banana.

Final conclusion:  Try to stick with one cup of coffee after the gym since too much caffeine can make your heart race and leave you feeling jittery.  

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